Team Building Activities and Events

Team building activities are a great way to enhance cohesion, collaboration and retention. A pirate ship cruise on Lake Union with Emerald City Pirates is a fun and unique way to help you accomplish these goals. We are located in Seattle’s bustling South Lake Union neighborhood, just a few blocks from Seattle’s traditional central business district. Though we are in the midst of one of the the fastest-growing and fast-paced commercial centers in the world, we will whisk your team away from any semblance of an office setting in an instant when we set sail on Lake Union. From the moment you see our ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, your team will know that this is not your average work activity.

We have 2 private charter options to fit all your needs. First, we have our Conventional Private Charter where you will have the creative control. Second, we have our Family Treasure Cruise Private Charter where we produce our time tested & famous Treasure Cruise performance and activities exclusively for your team.

We are the West Coast’s only full-time pirate ship cruise company, and your team will truly appreciate the opportunity to experience it as a part of their overall work experience. Your team will get a perspective on Seattle that many people who’ve lived here all their lives haven’t seen.

If you are located in Downtown Seattle, your team can reach our docks in minutes, which means more time for your activity. A popular approach to scheduling is to spend the last couple hours of the work day cruising with us.

Ask us about our innovative ideas regarding team building activities. Options include learning to be a pirate, learning the parts of the ship and finding lost treasure, which could be anything you choose. The treasure might even be an envelope with a special announcement for your team.

Another fun option is to have your team participate in our popular limbo contest. Incorporating a little competition in your team building event is always a great idea. Your team will love cheering one another on, laughing and joking with one another all the while. Perhaps you’ll even choose a prize for the winner. Other options for fun and friendly competition that all team members can participate in include our best pirate name contest or our best-dressed pirate contest. Who doesn’t want to see the boss in a pirate hat?

Our unique venue will get your team out of its routine and encourage social interaction. The open nature of our ship means everyone is interacting with one another; there are no tables, booths or corner rooms for people to form the same small groups they might gravitate toward in the workplace.

A team building event with Emerald City Pirates is a great way to integrate and socialize new hires, celebrate a new product launch, generate new sales as well as attracting new talent.

Let our preferred caterer cater your event and leave all the work to us. We have a one-call option for catered food, alcohol and sailing all included in one package, so you can spend your time enjoying the event with your team. You can also choose to add catering from any provider of your choosing.

Private Charters are custom events. You can choose how long you want to cruise and where. If you don’t want to think about it, we have preselected routes for you, depending upon the length of your event.

Is your team on the east side of Lake Washington? You can avoid downtown Seattle traffic and parking. We can arrange to pick you and your guests up at Carillon Point or Kirkland City Dock.

Music makes the difference. Our premium sound system can play any music you choose. We are happy to do the work for you and play our playlist, tailored to your likes and dislikes. If you choose this option, we are happy to take individual requests as well.

Our crew can also simply let you and your team enjoy the sights of Lake Union, including Seattle’s spectacular, world famous skyline. See Seattle’s famous floating homes, including its most famous, the one Tom Hanks lived in in the 1993 feature film, Sleepless in Seattle. Watch the float planes buzz overhead, land on and take off from the lake. Other sights include Seattle’s shipyards and famous bridges, the Alaska fishing fleet, Gasworks Park, Husky (Alaska Airlines) Stadium, the University of Washington, Ivar’s and more.

Do you have an adventurous team? Cruise through one of Seattle’s most famous attractions, the Chittenden Locks. Our ship will enter the lock and water will be pumped out, dropping the ship as much as 26 feet, until it is even with Puget Sound. Once in Puget Sound, it’s possible to see some of the Northwest’s incredible wildlife such as salmon, harbor seals and sea lions. Take in views of the alluring and majestic Olympic mountain range. Possibly catch a sunset on its craggy, usually snow-capped peaks.

At Emerald City Pirates, we value your team members as much as you do. It is not only our goal to have fun and entertain you. First and foremost, we want to leave a lasting impression by providing world-class hospitality and customer service that makes you and your company look good. Call us today to schedule the best team building event of the year; one that you and your team will talk about for months to come. You’ll want to come back next year!

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